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Pollards Pop–Up!

Summer 2021

Thanks to everyone who got involved with Pollards Pop–Up last summer – those three weeks flew by!

The activities that took place were in response to local feedback and the most commonly suggested ideas for the future of the bus shelter (except a few activities that would need more space), and were operated in large by local people.

Here are a few highlights from the week!

The main space to test activities at Pollards Pop–Up was the Green Room on one side of the bus shelter. Here is the drawing idea for the space:

An information point at the other side of the bus shelter provided a space to share information, discuss the project and leave ideas for the building

The spaces were all temporary and made with some help from local volunteers

The spaces were all temporary and made with some help from volunteers, including local residents Pat (left) and future Mayor of Merton, Joan Henry (right)

As well as a launch event, we programmed a three week events programme as part of the pop-up. Here are some examples of activities hosted:

Pollards Pop-Up launched on a sunny August Saturday with free coffee, cup-cakes and Caribbean food with free tasters and in the evening, run by Unique Talent & Ja'Tasty

Shernette from Sherwood Park Hall held a screening of family-favourite E.T. on Donnelly Green (next to Pollards Hill Youth Club)

Ja’Tasty brought their delicious pop-up Caribbean cafe with free tasters (with two more sessions to come later in the programme)

And Shernette opened a free coffee stall, working with a charity supporting homeless people and ex-offenders. After the event, the programme began...

Unique Talent provided personal training and nutrition consultations and Groundwork provided Head2Work careers advice

Health check ups and support was given by OneYouMerton (NHS) and Age UK

Art teacher Susan Derbyshire provided arts and crafts classes, enjoyed by local youngsters

Made in Merton ran a workshop to co-make a beautiful William Morris pattern banner celebrating Pollards Hill, shown below

The man with a spanner Dr Bike dropped in to the Pop-up on two occasions to fix up local bikes

And micro business from Mitcham, Treasures by Trimstastic, opened her first pop-up store

Local boxing coach Giz Chu gave two boxing training sessions and Active Sports Academy brought a range of sports to local kids

Roberta from Sherwood Hall brought relaxing Yoga to Donnelly Green, while the Friends of Mitcham Common gave a walking tour of the historic common

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