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Community Meeting – Initial Design

7pm, 24th February 2022

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Community Meeting, the debate was brilliant with some great ideas and knowledge that can be fed into the project.

Here's some background to the event:

Feedback from community engagement and Pollards Pop–Up! suggested that the bus shelter building should become a cafe (voted for as the best use for the site by 37% of the community).

The vast majority of people also think the building should also be flexible to accommodate as many others uses the community suggested as is viable including:

- Arts & Crafts Space

- Play Area & Creche

- Public Toilet

- Skills & Advice Centre

- Mental Health Services

- Mini Cinema

- Business Units

- Bike Repairs

Gym / boxing gym was the second most popular choice but may need more space than what the bus shelter can provide. Music and dance were also popular and some people asked for an indoor market, which all need a lot of space. Check out the Youth Centre, New Horizon Centre and Sherwood Park Hall where some of these activities are already happening in Pollards Hill.

For those who couldn't make it, here are the slides below (please bear in mind the design is still at an ideas stage so nothing is fixed!):

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