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Join-the-Dots Free Audio Tour of Pollards Hill

Join-the-Dots Audio Tour is a free on-demand audio tour of Pollards Hill allowing you to get out and learn more about the interesting things going on in the area, at a time that suits you

Step 1 – Map

Click here to access the local map and plan your first stop. Each audio point location is marked by a unique purple icon. For optimum functionality download / use the free Google Maps App on your mobile device. You can start anywhere and go in any order!

Visit the Information Point with a physical map at the bus shelter on South Lodge Avenue, where the Pollards Hill Space Project is currently ongoing

Information Point:

Bus Stop G, South Lodge Avenue Pollards Hill, London, CR4 1LW

Step 2 – Listen

Follow this link to listen an Audio Summary of the tour ...or scan the correct Audio Summary QR code at the Information Point Map

Step 3 – Walk

Use the map to plan your first stop and walk, jog or cycle to it!​

Step 4 – Look

Once you reach your stop, look for the Dot... It could be on a window, a wall, a lamp post, a noticeboard, a fence or something else!

(Examples of the some Dots in Pollards Hill above, so you know what to look out for)

Once you've found one, scan the purple QR to listen to the audio description, or if you've downloaded it in advance to save data, match the title of the location (in purple on the Dot) to the title of the corresponding audio file

Once you've listened to the Audio recording, time to plan your next stop! Scan the correct QR code (green) to go straight to the Google Map

Return to Step 3 & repeat until you've found all 13 Dots ↑↑↑

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