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A Peek Inside the Building

A couple of photos inside the former facilities building on the site

The building is a single storey brick building with a concrete roof. The exact date of construction of the building is unknown, however it is estimated to be between the 1950’s-1960’s.

The building had a former use as a toilet block servicing the bus stop. The building is split into two main rooms, which would have been male and female loos, with a small accessible toilet space accessed from the rear pavement.

The use as public toilets has long since been removed, with the building serving as a storage facility for nearby community operations, including a prop store for a theatre company and as overflow storage for the community centre opposite.

The building has seen very little work over its history in terms of repairs or refurbishments, although the toilets have been removed. It is suffering from some wear and tear and water ingress inside.

One of the features still in the space is the gridded rooflights bringing lots of natural light into the space. these grids match the grid walls outside.

Over the next couple of weeks the building will be cleared and we’ll share some updated photos once we’ve seen the completely cleared space.

Image 1 - Entrance to the Western Half

Image 2 - Inside the western half, A tall space with rooflights.

Image 3 - The Eastern Half of the space

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