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Why is Pollards Pop-Up taking place?

The bus shelter building has been disused for many years. Earlier this year, the team began public consultations in Pollards Hill, asking members of the public their views on the local area and what they would like to see happen at the bus shelter site.


We spoke to as many members of the public, neighbouring residents and a wide range of local organisations as possible, and from this we’ve identified some key issues to address at the Pollards Hill bus shelter site.


These include issues like poor lighting and fly-tipping at the site, as well as wider local issues such as a lack of skills and training opportunities, tackling social isolation, addressing the poor perception of the area and a need for better engagement with health and wellbeing.


The local community also gave us lots of ideas for what the bus shelter building could become – including a café, business units, arts space, gym or information hub, plus lots of other ideas. You can visit this link to read more about it in our August Newsletter:


Following the feedback from the public, this current phase of our work is to test some of the ideas put forward for the site, working with local operators to help them deliver pop-up activities at the bus shelter to see how well the different ideas work. The public will then be able to try them out and let us know what they want the building to become.


We’re looking for more local operators to come forward; specifically, people and organisations who would be interested in taking the space on in the future to run a community focused enterprise. During the days we’re on site there will be the opportunity for interested parties to see inside the existing building and speak to the design team about the project. We’d also like to keep hearing from local residents. Sharing your views with us will really help in shaping the future of this project. You can get in touch with us in a number of ways: visit our website for further details

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